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[icon] It's a Holiday 'till tomorrow
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Current Music:"Breakfast at Tiffany's"--Deep Blue Something
Subject:The more you stay the same the more the seem to change, don't you think it's strange?
Time:03:47 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
On Saturday we jumped into the river after rowing practice because it was so hot.

Sunday involved Bread and Chocolate, mapping out a trip that half isn't going to happen, instant dinners, chicken fights, and Catherine not bringing everyone juice boxes.

Monday had Jamba Juice, random distractions, junior high flashbacks, and "the last song of the night."

Tuesday there were Gold Medal Winners, instant changes of plans, and there was a midnight picnic on Summit involving grapes and environmental-friendly chocolate.

Wednesday I went to Andy's Garage with a little kid who would offer me a sip of his lemonade every time I ate a french fry.

Thursday was being with people for five hours before noon, stuffing envelopes with good people, and climbing on the monkey bars at Treasure Island.

Last night after tacklefootballrugbywithabasket and oatmeal cookies, I went to bed with eight thousand bruises and scratches on my legs and a large bruise the size of Argentina on my hip.

And this morning I talked about race strategies, while rowing, and came home with slide grease/dirt all over my shirt and legs only in time to bring the entire contents of our garage to the Goodwill/drop off place.

I'd say this was a successful week.

Because I really like my Argentina bruise.

EDIT: And Gaalaas was right, I did better on the E&M than the Mechanics section. Like, a whole score better. Which I found entertaining. because in both cases I somehow did better this year than I did last hear, even though I knew about half as much Physics. How about that.
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Current Music:"I Will Always Love You"--Classic Whitney Houston!
Subject:I don't believe in no coincidences
Time:12:05 pm
Current Mood:lovedloved
Happy Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July has become really important to me growing up in this house. Not for the whole, you know, being patriotic for your country sense, but because we invite all of my dad's old college friends over, and it's cool, because he is SO happy and SO at home with those people.
And it's fun, because there is cucumber dip and beans and brownies and we make hamburgers, and every year my dad starts freaking out at about 9:00 that we won't be ready (people come at like 2:00), and he asks why our rooms aren't clean, even though no one in their right mind will come inside anyway, and the day before we spend HOURS AND HOURS working on making the yard perfect, and he mows it the next morning anyway, then people come and about halfway through he stands up and introduces everyone, and makes the same jokes about either me or my mother being the shortest in our family of four, or giving crap to one of this grad-mates spouse, who went to Macalester, then he'll say a line about "The God Part of our Life" and sum up his speech with a winning line only a writer could have thought of that makes all the middle-aged women misty-eyed and all the guys silent and the kids sit there awkwardly, because they didn't listen or don't get it, then the talk starts again and it's exactly the same every year and I love it.

In no order, here are my favorite things in life:
-Yackity Yak Yak Tag
-Rocking Lawn Chairs
-Car rides home, specifically at night, or from the boatclub to 94
-Water Gun Fights
-Gold Medals
-Basketball Tatoos
-Getting the message
-What happens when a Zombie gets wet?
-Ex-Captains of MBC
-The "I'm Always Right" club
-"Come on" moments
-Four walls and a mattress in Madison
-Jimmy John's
-Polo Shirts
-Fancy Cameras
-Fake Dates
-Chicken. Both being called one and eating it in the middle of the night.
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Current Music:"Goodbye until Tomorrow"--The Last Five Years
Subject:That's jsut the way it is.
Time:10:52 am
Current Mood:thoughtfulthoughtful
Don't kiss me goodbye again
Leave this night clean and quiet
You want the last word
You want me to laugh
But leave it for now

All you can say
All you can feel
Was wrapped up inside that one perfect kiss
Leave it at that:
I'll watch you turn the corner and go...

And goodbye until tomorrow
Goodbye until the next time you call
And I'll be waiting
Goodbye until tomorrow
Goodbye till I recall how to breathe
And I have been waiting
I have been waiting for you

I stand on a precipice
I struggle to keep my balance
I open myself
I open myself one stitch at a time

Finally yes!
Finally now!
Finally something takes me away
Finally free!
Finally he can cut through these strings
And open my wings!

So goodbye until tomorrow!
Goodbye until my feet touch the floor
And I will be waiting
I will be waiting!
Goodbye until tomorrow
Goodbye until the rest of my life
And I have been waiting
I have been waiting for you
Waiting for you
Waiting for you

(The Last Five Years)

That song makes me so dang happy, but it's completely heartbreaking, because right after she sings this song after she first falls in love with the guy, the guy sings a song about how he's sorry things didn't work out, but he just didn't know what else he could do, he could never rescue her. Her relationship with him is just starting, and his is just ending, and it's killer.

If summer ends up like yesterday, I'd be infinitely happy.

Plus, it helped me remember that pickup games of anything are some of my favorite things on the planet. Specifically 500. Or soccer. I miss soccer.

I came home from rowing today and my dad had made me pancakes and that as well made me infinitely happy.
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Current Music:"Dangerously In Love 2"--Beyonce (from our Philosophy CD)
Subject:And I'm fooled by my own desire
Time:12:32 pm
Current Mood:frustratedfrustrated
You imagine songs that have never been playedCollapse )

Last night my mom took me to an Amy Klobuchar Political Convention, which was a thousand women. That's a lot of women. And I really can't stand them sometimes.

But it was interesting. I actually do like Amy, even though she has some weird things to say.

A problem I have with her running for Senate is because it seems like this is turning into a WOMAN running for the seat, not just a candidate running for the seat. And I understand why it's a big deal that she's so popular and, gasp!, a woman, but I think we should elect her because we want her to be in office, not because she's a woman and we want a woman in office. I mean honestly, I would much rather have a smarter guy than a stupider woman in office.

There was a speaker before Amy came on, Gail something, who wrote this book called "She Wins, I Win." It's all about how we as women need to support each other, start networking, and yadda yadda, becuase if one woman succeeds, all women succeed a little, and if one woman fails, we all fail a little.


The thing that bothered me the most was that she was so obviously targeting this "Women Power, let's stick together!" idea to the women in the audience...but, as you can imagine, these were almost all middle-aged-ish women who had just come from work, sitting in their suits and they were all connected in the political or business world. This is not all the women in the world. By a long shot. And she kept talking about all the women, we all have to support each other...yet she never mentioned the women who sit on the bus stop, or the women who serve us our coffee in the morning, or even the women who were working on her flight as "flight attendants," which term probably annoys her. (Even though that term is no longer used, right?)

To the women who always say "We can do better than this! We should rise up in business! In politics! Get out of the house, stop talking about your kids, stop doing the laundry! Let's UNITE and rise above men!" I just want to say...who are you going to hire to clean your house? To watch your kids? To cook your meals? When you're pushing yourself--as a WOMAN--farther and farther up the ladder, how many woman are you stepping on to get there? If you really wanted women to rise up, you'd grab your babysitter's hand or your maid's hand and bring them with you.

'Cause it's not all about the people in power.

Wow. I'm really bitter about this. But these cray feminists who insist that the only way to end women's opression is to start here and make women's businesses etc. etc. etc. more successful, bug the crap out of me. Because there are SO MANY MORE WOMEN OUT THERE WHO WE IGNORE!!

On another note, some things are really tooooo bad. And I find myself having moments that I just want to take pictures of and plaster up everywhere to remember how fun they were. And things are getting better at home and it is exciting.

But yeah. Girls really bug me. Not all of them. But I mean, really. Just remember the people who we always forget.
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Current Music:"Son's Gonna Rise"--Citizen Cope
Subject:This one goes out to Michelle
Time:11:35 am
Current Mood:calmChill
With Dem Franchize Boyz!Collapse )

Oh those Mission Trips. Saving the world. Dealing with people I can't stand, then realizing I don't know what I would do without them. It's just all part of the process.

But it was definitely a lot better than I had anticipated.

AND I had dinner with Kenny, my old voice teacher, and Alex, and Rachel. I miss New Breath and voice a lot...but I most definitely have moments when I'm so glad I'm done with it because it could be quite frustrating.

Then I launched back into real life with Emily Hannan and Alice's birthday bash, the greatness that is Complaining About Church With The Plattmores, Izzy's, and watching movies until the credits are over and making fun of each other and refusing to leave, and rowing. Oh rowing.
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Current Music:"Girl from Mars"--Ash
Time:12:15 am
Current Mood:restlessrestless
List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your livejournal along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

1. You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous--Tower of Power
2. Drunken Lullabies--Flogging Molly
3. I Will Always love You--Whitney Houston
4. I Ain't Mad At Cha--2Pac (Heck yeah)
5. I Can Do Better Than That--The Last Five Years
6. Ridin' Dirty--Chamillionaire (I'm not even going to lie. Best song ever.)
7. Heartbreaker--Patty Whatsherface. Pam?

Tags...if you want to do it, do it.

I sometimes want to punch people in the face. Sometimes I even want to punch myself in the face. Lots of times this week, actally. To both. But, I WILL have fun on this Mission Trip, I DO love rowing, I AM in love with all of my friends, and I CERTAINLY am walking on eggshells at this house every single day and it's driving me crazy.

Dear God. I am a terrible terrible person. I can't wait to grow out of it.

Also. Can we please just give a shoutout to Sam Wojta to being the funniest human being on the planet? Please? And Patrick, Linnea, Cullen, Phil Dames, Catherine...okay yeah, just all of them.
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Current Music:"Drunken Lullabies"--Flogging Molly
Subject:I can't do this anymore, see my heart just falls out when you walk in the door
Time:11:39 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
Grad Party Hopping is actually quite fun; Cullen Claire and I make quite the team. We ran from Joe's (with breakfast) to Catherine's (with celery and cake for Cullen) to Casey's (with Cafe Latte Turtle Cake) to Nick Whalen's (with cake for Cullen) to Joann's (with good lasagna) and Zara's (with chocolate covered Strawberries) to Saura's (with cake for Cullen) and Julie's (with the highland yearbook) to Phil's (with a chocolate fountain and pizza...and cake for Cullen) to Ayanthi's (with really good food and cake for Cullen), to Linnea's (with dinner! and plenty of cake. For Cullen). Then our driver (Cullen) dropped me off as I scurried around getting things ready and they went to Mitch's and Lalu's.

TWELVE GRAD PARTIES. Or, if you're CullenorClaire, FOURTEEN.


But really. It was fun. We sat in our trio everywhere and made fun of each other and heard bad music on the radio and sang along and compared food and saved utensils to save the environment and it was fun.

And aw. I like grad parties. It was actually fun having people come up and congratulate me and make awkward small talk, just because I saw some people who I never ever see, like Mr. Helm, the best fifth grade teacher on the planet, or all of my dad's college friends who I see like twice a year, and my dad's sister drove up from Iowa, which was a huge deal. I love all those church people, and all those theater kids, and those rowing people, and all those school pals, and everyone gets along and random people know each other and it just makes my life every time!

I know it's repetitive, and makes so many people mad, by dear god do I love rowing. The Regatta was sort of a failure on Saturday, but it was fun, and I could see so many people falling in love with it and it made me happy. Jolene and I are going to write a book togehter called "Catch Together: The Fundamental Rules of Rowing (And a Few Implications)" and I am extremely excited for it.

Today was one of those lovely summer evenings--I didn't get my act together until about 9:00, but then Claire came over and we sat in the kitchen eating leftover desserts and strawberries she brought over and talked about everything and planned the road trip that we're going to try to take to visit her in Colorado this summer, and it was so nice out and I loved it.

I need to stop saying "I love it" but sometimes it's just so hard.
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Current Music:"You Get What You Give"--New Radicals
Subject:"Why eat marshmallows when you could be eating beef??"
Time:11:05 am
Current Mood:coldcold
It's cliche and lame, but really, my favorite part of graduation was throwing my hat in the air. It was real exciting.
And playing in the band. Because, man, Mr. Oyen, I'm gonna miss that guy.

And after the ceremony I was at the Pre-Determined Barr Family Meeting Place, and no one was showing up and I was just standing there dancing around on my tiptoes looking for my parents and all of a sudden my brother comes up behind me and gives me a big bear hug and it was cute because it fit. Then he threatened to jump on my back becuase that's what I did to him when we took pictures at home, but I told him I would punch him, and then my parents showed up and it would have been a really bad time to punch my brother. And there was congratulations all around, and Charlie turned it into something about him, and my dad was grumpy and trying to get us to leave and my mom was looking for people to take my picture with and Graham stopped paying attention and Rich made sarcastic comments and I just love my family sometimes.

The party was fun, it was getting a little long at the very end which is the perfect time for it to get long, because then you haven't been dreading the party forever, but you don't want to stay there forever. The numerologist pretty much said that if I don't go into theater when I'm older, I'm going to die, which is rough.

And I really do love rowing.

And I love when huge things are planned perfectly in the time of about three phone calls in 15 mintues. It always works well when everyone shows up.

Happy Birthday a little late, Michelle.
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Current Music:Ohh, Vitamin C.
Subject:I guess I thought that this would never end
Time:10:24 am
Current Mood:indifferentindifferent
Since Friday I have spent my time going to grad parties, eating grad party food, talking to grad party people, and sanding the paint off of the Moby Dick at rowing.

Jack and I decided that the MBC Juniors t-shirts this year are going to say "Free Moby Dick!"

Last night Carly and I went to the BYOB theater to see "Failure to Launch" which was extremely predictible, but all in all a sweet movie. Then we got out of the theater and it was POURING RAIN and we were driving home down Lexington and it was like driving through a lake, the puddles were huge and the rain was torrential and when we drove through these massive lakes the water would SWOOSH up onto the van making it impossible to see anything.

So natrually, we pull over on Summit Avenue near the bridge and get out and dance in the rain. There was a puddle that was, no joke, knee-deep, and we went semi-swimming in it, and it was mud and disgusting and freezing cold and we took pictueres of ourselves and waved to the cars passing by and we were out there for almost twenty minutes and it was amazing.
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Subject:'Cause the world got in her way
Time:06:12 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
Schedule? Let's hope? Because this could be extremely exciting.

ARAB 001: Beginning Arabic 1
MW 9:35-10:25 TR 9:35-10:50
PSYC 801: Schizophrenia (Dean's Seminar)
T 3:30-6:00
PSYC 011: Abnormal Psychology
WF 2:20-3:35
UW-20: Class as an Important Categorty of Difference
M 9:35-10:25 WF 9:35-10:50
TRDA 115: Beginning Scene Study
TR 9:35-10:50

Also, The Day of the Dance in Mr. Cherin's class today was a success, mostly becuase I got excused from some journals by dancing to "These Boots are Made for Walking" by Nancy Sinatra, and we got to watch Jaralyn and Alan dance to everything.
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[icon] It's a Holiday 'till tomorrow
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